Our Mission

Our mission is to help survivors move towards healing after Child Sexual Abuse and trauma. Ultimately our goal is to reduced and even reverse the affects and emotional damages caused by Child Sexual Abuse. Our mission also is to educate on how to spot the signs and symptoms of Child Sexual Abuse and Pedophilia to help better protect our children. We encourage victims to become victors and to speak out and break the silence of Child Sexual Abuse, lead healthier lives while helping others to heal along the way and where the related adverse outcomes such as substance abuse, mental illness, criminality and even suicide attempts are correspondingly reversed and eradicated.

Our mission also is to be a financial resource in the community for families with abuse dynamics to assist with their smallest to their greatest need, including but not limited to food, clothing and shelter. We desire to help with financial burdens related to criminal court cases of Child Sexual Abuse, Attorney retainer fees, victims fleeing abusive situations, etc.

Help us further a very worthy cause! DONATE

​Help victims of Child Sexual Abuse with shelter, food, clothing, etc. Any size gift will help.

Often we get calls from victims fleeing an abusive situation and are unable to assist them due to lack of funds!
*$5 will buy breakfast for a hungry child
*$10 will purchase gas for a mother to get to the nearest shelter
*$20 will buy them lunch and dinner for the day
​ *Any gift of $50 or more will be matched by one of our Premiere Sponsors and allow us to purchase gift cards and hotel vouchers to help our victims.

  • $100 will buy breakfast for 40 hungry children.
  • $300 will purchase gas cards for 15 mothers to get to the nearest shelter. 
  • $500 will buy 16 families lunch and dinner for the day.
  • $700 will provide play therapy for 4 children a month.
  • $1000 will buy clothing for 71 small children.
  • $2,500 provides emergency safe shelter for a mother and 3 children for a month.
  • $5,000 will buy 40 hotel vouchers for immediate emergency shelter and Attorney Retainer fees for 3 victims.

Thank you for caring for those in need!


– See more at: www.youcaring.com/thehealingbranch

Get involved! Volunteer! We need your help!