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Welcome to the official site for The Healing Branch (THB)

The rape of anyone is a crime that carries many scars for many years. And should be dealt with in no uncertain terms.. But when a Child is violated in this manner it becomes more than rape of the body. It rapes that child’s mind and their entire being and he or she may have severe difficulties going forward in life and gaining healing from such a horrific event and will never be the same. Of all the crimes one can commit the Rape and murder of a child is the most obscene.

~ Barbara Williams~


THB is a faith based 501C3 Non-Profit Organization that brings public awareness and education about Pedophilia and child sexual abuse. We provide a variety of different resources for individuals who may be in a situation where a child is being hurt in this manner and needs help or need to know where to go other than the authorities.

The Healing Branch was founded in 2009 after a loved one who’s very near and dear to my heart was sexually assaulted by a family member.  This unfortunate event led me to begin advocating for other families and children who had been sexually abused.

All while child sexual abuse is a crime it is not always reported in a timely manner and in some cases not at all until it has caused damage in various areas of ones life. There is professional counseling that is needed in these types of situations and THB can also provide resources for this necessary counseling. THB is an agency that desires to reach out to as many schools, daycare facilities, churches and other entities and organizations as we can to speak to children, teens, young adults and others about this very sensitive topic. We desire to protect the children of this country from child predators and pedophiles by bringing awareness of the signs symptoms Pedophilia and child abuse and what to do if they find themselves in this situation.

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting our mission and cause.

Cherlyn F. Martin